Will you agree with me if I say that iCloud is a total burden? Well, you might agree with me for sure, especially if you are a second hand Apple device buyer! However, do not get into prejudices as this article is going to pursue whether the iCloud is a burden or not! Therefore, this article will focus on elaborating about what is an iCloud and how to do the iCloud Removal whenever it is necessary.

Introduction of iCloud

Did you just purchase an iPhone?Also when trying to get access to the device, is it keeps on asking you to enter the details of the previous owner such as an Apple Id and a password? So being unable to supply those things, have you gone confused and desperate after spending so much money on it? Especially, you may feel that how can it be possible for you ought to enter the details of the previous owner when you have already legally purchased it from the mobile market. Do not get your hopes down! If you have to face to this sort of situation, that means that you are encountered with iCloud activation lock and that is called the iCloud account also.

So, going more deeply, Apple introduced iCloud activation for its users at first in 2014 as a safety strategy. What they wanted by introducing this iCloud for its customers is to ensure the safety of them as no third party will not be able to log into the device without its user’s permission. It is due to that, each time you restart the device, you have to supply an Apple ID and password to get access into the device.

What is the necessity of iCloud Removal?

Actually, the iCloud is not a big problem for those who are using brand new iPhone since they had their opportunity to create their own iCloud account and set a password for it as their wish. Unfortunately, if you are second-hand iPhone buyer, you will not be that much fortunate enough except on such rare instances where the previous owners reminded enough to remove their iCloud account before they give their devices away. Unlikely, in most such instances, the secondhand Apple devices buyers will find that there is already an iCloud account in the phone which blocks your way of entering to the device. What is special here with this iCloud account is there is no point of jailbreaking the device, resetting the device or even allowing the battery to run completely down, because it will be useless to use any such method as any of such methods will not be able to remove your iCloud Activation Lock.

Yet, iCloud Removal is a must for above such second-hand buyers to log into the device they have purchased. If not, literary what you bought will automatically turn out for a mere brick because there is no use to own a mobile device which can not make calls, send messages or simply use it even if it is an iPhone.

Choosing the right iCloud Removal Service Provider

Many software companies tried to find solutions in order to meet with the demanding of emerging second hand Apple device buyers who purchase iPhone lawfully, yet unable to use them due to iCloud activation lock. As a result, various software companies in the web industry came up with different apps and tools which are commonly known as iCloud Removal Service Providers. Via such iCloud Removal Service Providers, you can get the assistance to perform iCloud Removal of your iDevice.However, you need to be very wise to observe the below factors when choosing a service provider for your iCloud Removal.


As before everything, safety is a must to pay concern on before selecting a good iCloud Removal service provider. Safety in the sense that the particular service provider should have a guarantee on that no external viruses or malware will enter to your Apple device during or after the process of iCloud Removal. Also, you should be well aware of the method used by that and check whether the method used by them to remove your iCloud is legal as nowadays there are many fake and unlawful iCloud Removal service providers on the web. By using them, you may also drag into unnecessary troubles if by any case that the device purchased by you might be a stolen device of someone.


Secondly, of course, you must have a real awareness of the price or the cost that you will have to pay for the service provider.True, that the most efficient and convenient iCloud Removing service providers are quite expensive! Yet, always keep in your mind that you already spent a huge amount to purchase the Apple device and no more want to waste money unnecessarily.

Customer Service

Customer service is also important to check before using iCloud Removal software.Mainly because if any issue happens during the process of removing the iCloud, you can directly get the help of the customer service than from another source.

Speed and the time

No matter if one posses all the above factors, if it can not remove the iCloud as fast as possible in a minimum time period there is no use of it.

iCloud Removal Service Providers

So, you saw that it is not very easy to choose the right service provider for the removal of the iCloud.However, below are such entrusted and the commonly used iCloud Removal Service Providers that you can use!

  1. iCloud Removal Tool
  2. iPhone IMEI Net
  3. Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool
  4. The Official iCloud Unlocking Service Tool
  5. CellUnlocker

The Best iCloud Removal Service Provider

There are no so-called best iCloud Removal Service Providers in the web market since all have pros and cons with them. However, usually, the IMEI iPhone Removal method is considered as the best method to remove the iCloud.So, you can use iPhone IMEI Net or Official iPhone Unlocking Service Tool which uses that IMEI method to remove the iCloud.

How to do iCloud Removal Via IMEI Method?

Removing iCloud via IMEI method is very simple. Here are some tips for that!

Visit any iCloud Removal service provider which uses this method
Enter your IMEI number
Provide your basic info like email
Remove the iCloud
After removing the iCloud, make sure that service provider will send you a confirmation email!

This is all about iCloud Removal! Hope you gained more info from this!