Promising to balance affordability and specifications, the new tablets slot right into the midrange, offering not one but two options for those turned off or priced out of Apple’s existing iPads.

The new iPad Air fills a big hole in Apple’s iPad range

Had you looked at Apple’s iPad line-up yesterday, you’d have been forgiven for assuming that the Cupertino firm had decided there was no market for mid-range tablets.

Priced from $499 for the iPad Air WiFi, and from $629 for the iPad Air WiFi + Cellular, it’s right in the sweet spot for those looking for more power than an entry-level iPad, but who don’t quite need (or can’t quite afford) the laptop-replacing iPad Pro at the other end of the scale.

And of course, the support for a Smart Keyboard – unlike the iPad’s Bluetooth keyboard support alone – gives those wanting to ditch their Windows or macOS laptop another option versus a Chromebook.

Selling a greater number of iPhone XS Max smartphones than iPad mini tablets contributes a lot more to Apple’s bottom line.

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