If you're looking to contact Google for help with a Google-related issue, there are a few routes you can take.

Googledoes not offer phone support save for assistance with a few specific apps, and many of the numbers posted online claiming to be Google customer service are scams.

The company does offer a robust archive of information that can be helpful as you troubleshoot; most issues have likely been addressed.

The other thing is that Google values your security, and they don't want to put you at risk for a hack by dealing with things like password resets or account recoveries over the phone.

Yes, you can call Google.

That will take you to a menu that will take you to a series of other menus, but most of the time, unless you have an issue with a piece of hardware like an Android phone, the end result of your call will be a recorded voice telling you which webpage to visit to try to resolve your issue.

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