Plenty of direct-to-consumer birth control brands are hitting the market today, using pretty packaging, suggestive photography or overly-posed models to sell the product, but Nurx is taking a different approach.

The brand is particularly focused on expansion to Southern states, including South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.

Nurx has been around since 2015, originally dubbed by many as the “Uber for birth control.” Today the telemedicine company offers everything from birth control and emergency contraception to home HPV screening kits and PrEp.

As the company continues to expand (it’s now in 23 states and the District of Colombia) Nurx decided it was time to rethink the way it communicates with existing and potential customers.

“The reality was we didn’t have much of a brand.

Our brand didn’t necessarily reflect what we are doing here in terms of being an all-in-one service encompassing really primary healthcare needs, things you would traditionally have had to go to a physical doctor’s office location, followed by a pharmacy, to get,” explained Katelyn Watson, Nurx’s vp of marketing.

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