What is lean consulting?

Lean Consulting is defined as the activity of consulting a company by applying Lean methodologies. Lean Consulting is also a business activity where an expert uses his tools, knowledge and expertise to advise and guide the organisation or company to perform better in a defined area or to resolve a problem.

A lean consultant helps an organisation to implement Lean in it.

SKIL’s Six Sigma / Lean consultants provide Lean education, training, and consulting for Lean tools such as process mapping and value stream mapping to help you understand and uncover waste in your processes.

Our Lean consultants also help you to design standardized work, SMED, implement of 5S and other Six Sigma / Lean tools that will improve the material, information, and processes that flows within your facility. SKIL’s Lean Solutions combines with thoroughness of Six Sigma to eliminate wasteful business processes, increase productivity and also help your manufacturing/ service organisation to improve its profitability.

Our Lean Consultants at SKIL also focus specifically on implementing the tools and principles of lean manufacturing within your business model. This is not only focusing purely on process improvement but a full culture change that will also involve every stakeholder in improving business performance. If you like to go beyond low return process improvements and reap the rewards of implementing lean manufacturing process throughout your business then the following benefits will appeal to you.

The typical areas we cover are

  • We help increase your bottom line with improvement of projects directly linked to your growth plan.
  • Understand true customer value and how to communicate value throughout your business to improve its performance.
  • Exceed your previous external feedback with internal targets that are directly linked to satisfy the customers.
  • Create a vision and strategy that will maximize the returns from your current resources.
  • Make sure all your staff are trained and coached to adopt the appropriate techniques that will impact their own area.
  • Gain buy in from all your staff members during the change process.
  • Create a culture where all the staff are driven to reduce the amount of time and effort wasted.
  • Create more space with more efficient layouts and establish an organized workplace.
  • Increase visibility of performances and the change progress with visual management.
  • Help Reduce the risk of health and safety issues within your business.
  • Develop a stronger relationship with your suppliers with new stock control methods.

Having our Lean Consultants on site also help you to manage the change process that will maximize the returns based on your investment and will ensure that the progress does not stand still. We all would need someone over our shoulder at times to give us a prod and our Lean Consultants at SKIL are experts at prodding without causing offense.

We establish the necessary momentum to sustain the company gains by incorporating the associates' ideas into daily operating procedures. We also understand how to motivate the associates and energize their confidence so they will want to be part of a culture that embraces continuous improvement.

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