The shift from desktop and laptops towards Mobile app development has rather been very swift. The global revenue collection through mobile apps is in billions. There have been diverse trends in recent past years. The year 2019 is yet to see some absolutely new waves in the new and innovative trends or massive upgrade from that which the users are currently using.

Some such trends are mentioned below.

1. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence
AI and machine learning are making their roots stronger in the Mobile app development world. AI can be seen making its presence through the chatbots. Siri is the best example which ensures that AI and ML are the part of the Mobile app development services which cannot be separated now.

2. Wearable devices and IoT

2019 is sure to witness more of the wearable- watches, fitness bands, movement crackers and more. Slowly the affordability constraint would not be a big issue. Top mobile app development companies would be found to develop apps for wearable devices.

3. Mobile strategies would be influenced by Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Mobile app developers are predicted to achieve huge success in creating intuitive mobile app experience in AR and VR. This trend will not be volatile and would stay long. With the compatible hardware entering the market, Mobile application development will see a great shift in trend with AR and VR, influencing the domain largely.

4. Mobile wallets and Payment Gateways
This is the era of digital cash. We have moved from the money in our hands to credit card- debit card to digital currencies. Mobile app development companies will have to concentrate towards integrating payment gateways as well as mobile wallets like Google Pay to ensure a wonderful user experience as today the user is rather fond of frictionless payment.

5. Focus on Mobile app security
The recent times showed even big and reputed names such as Google and Facebook coming and accepting their security lapses. With regard to this, the mobile app developers will be giving more focus on the cybersecurity, given the fact that the privacy of the data of its customers is of vital importance to the Mobile application development company.

6. Predictive Analytics to influence Mobile UI/UX
Rather than being just utilities soon, the mobile apps are going to be a part of your daily workflow. Facebook, Google and Apple have already started working on the predictive analytics employing AI in order to enhance the customer’s journey across the UI/UX of their apps. 2019 will just witness the same with increasing flow.

Top Mobile app development companies in the US are already employing many of the above trends in order to provide a better experience to their customers as well as increase the revenue generation. The above-mentioned trends will soon gather enough attraction in 2019 and with the coming years will change the kind of lifestyle we have today in a very significant way.