With artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented reality transitioning from buzz words to the backbone of developed economies, wireless connectivity enabled by 5G , a new standard for wireless telecommunications, will be the catalyst for unlocking the new technologies’ full potential and is expected to have a major impact on every industry, from media and entertainment to transportation to telemedicine.

In fact, 5G technology introduction marks the beginning of a new era in connectivity that will impact almost every element of our daily lives.

As providers of this technology, network operators can acquire plenty of new revenue if they recognize business opportunities and develop practical use cases.

Most importantly, 5G will allow telecom operators to offer massively higher speeds, higher capacity to carry more traffic hence lower costs per megabyte, and an ability to “slice” traffic so that differentiated connectivity can be offered to customers in the same coverage area.

5G promises unparalleled speed and capacity along with low latency and fiber-like performance on-the-go.

The race to the market

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