References to Aristotle – and some concrete suggestions

A ground-breaking new report from the IEEE – the world’s largest technical professional organisation – published today sets out eight general principles for the design of ethical AI, or Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS).

The 294-page report, “Ethically Aligned Design (EAD1e), A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems” is the result of three years’ work involving thousands of global experts, the IEEE said, with engagement from academia, government, NGOs and industry around the world.

But, in order for that to happen, these systems must be designed and utilised in such ways that they respect human rights, holistically increase well-being and empower all people inclusively,” said the chairman of the IEEE Global Initiative, Raja Chatila.

The Sorbonne Université professor added: “EAD1e is urgently needed to help policymakers, engineers, designers, developers and corporations to ensure that A/IS align with explicitly formulated human values.”

AI Has to Help Humanity Flourish

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