We all know that social media is powerful, but we also know that it's easy to get caught up spending several hours on it without being terribly productive. LinkedIn is unique compared to Facebook or Instagram in that it is solely focused on professional life, but the same principle applies. Thankfully, not everything needs to be done manually and instead, you can leverage LinkedIn outreach tools so your precious time is focused on marketing strategy and getting more deals done. 

LinkedIn can function as a "who's who's" of top players in your industry, and even though there are gems everywhere you look, It is possible to not only find better connections but also to outsource the finding, connecting and messaging that is so important to create value from your new and old contacts. Once they are in your network, you can promote events, reveal any new products and special promotions, perform pre-employment testing, and deliver content that highlights you as an expert specialist in their field. You could also personalize invitations to schedule calls with them to discuss the possibility of working together with them. 

If you are new to LinkedIn start by getting familiar with the platform and check out the tools linked above. Cheers to your growing network!