Greenock, bonnie Scotland, ladies and gentlemen

Tis a dowie day whin a swan cannae donder doon th' wynd wi'oot bein' pestered by th' polis.

Bit that's dreich reality fur th' birds in Greenock, Inverclyde, according tae footage captured in th' toon this week.

Yin wis unfortunate enough tae miss its regular landing pad o' Murdieston Pairk by some 200m, touching doon in stowed Inverkip Road, reported Scots national red top the Daily Record.

There, it found itself surrounded by police officers wielding, of all things, riot shields and a loaf o' breed (sorry) as they tried to herd the beastie back to its stomping ground.

One Alison Robertson filmed the, er, drama as it unfolded from the windows of her home.

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