Thankfully, we have circuit breakers that are known to be the saviour of factory units, as they can effectively control probable damages caused by short circuit occurrences.

There are three major types of circuit breakers – Air Circuit Breakers (ACB), Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB), and Sulfur Hex Fluoride Circuit Breaker (SF6) that we discussed in details in our previous blog.

Of these three, VCBs are the best option that can well safeguard a factory unit of any size and can ensure long term profitability.

This feature minimizes the chances of a short circuit and any dreadful consequences.

VCB technology is the most reliable current interruption system and is primarily competent for applications that utilize medium voltage [11kV (kilo Volt) to 33 kV].

VCBs are compact in size, thus require lesser space to install in any direction.

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