Sometimes existing on the internet can feel like being trapped in that dark room with Morpheus, the one where he holds out his hands to Neo and offers up either a pill of knowledge or a pill of blissful ignorance.

Of all the ideas and images The Matrix sent spiraling into American culture—computer simulation paranoia, black leather trench coats, falling green code, spoons that don't really exist—none has become so entrenched, or so contentious, as this one.

So we asked two of our writers, Emily Dreyfuss and Emma Grey Ellis, to debate the merits of picking the blue or the red pill.

Consider the dumb, rich child kings of history, born into a position of absolute power and lacking knowledge of, really, most things!

In the movie, as soon as you take the red pill you're supposedly partially freed up from the systems that enable those lies.

I hear you on the oversimplification—anybody who's ever been milkshake ducked knows the pain of rooting for something or someone who seems good and righteous, but winds up being deeply flawed.

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