Australian YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys completely restored an Apple iPhone 8 he purchased in terrible condition on eBay for about $200.

Still, Jeffreys ended up with a 256GB iPhone 8 for much less than a brand new model from Apple, or even an Apple refurbished model.

Apart from satisfaction, it was also amazing that an iPhone in such bad shape could be cheaply purchased on eBay and restored to look brand new, and even customized with an exterior color that the iPhone 8 doesn't even come in.

What Jeffreys essentially ended up with is an iPhone 8 with 256GB of storage that cost him under $400 and a little bit of time.

That's not a bad proposition when a brand new 256GB iPhone 8 costs $750 US.

A black iPhone 8 with a cracked back and cracked screen.

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