Both Android and iOS are hugely popular mobile platforms of the world. Android has more market significance over iOS if we go by market statistics. According to reports, Android had 76% market share, while iOS had 20% market share in the year 2018.

Seeking help from an android app development company, or an iOS app development company can be considered as an option if you wish to transport from one platform to the other.

Key Differences between iOS and Android

  1. If someone plans to customize Android, it is much easier to do that than customizing the iOS platform. When developing both the versions, one will understand the major differences customizing both the platforms.
  2. Android is Open-source code, but iOS isn’t.
  3. Transferring a file is much easier in Android than in the iOS platform.
  4. Standard apps like Kernel, UI, etc. are Open-source in case of Android, but in case of iOS it can’t be openly sourced.

These are the differences relevant in case someone wants to convert the device from Android to iOS. The differences mentioned above play a major role when planning and executing the porting of Android to iOS.

Things to consider when porting from Android to iOS

    1. To navigate in an Android phone is very different than to navigate in an iOS device. Android mobile phones have 3 main buttons, and these are Home, Back and Multitasking. While iOS mobile phones have only one button instead.

  • Both Android and iOS uses different UI design approaches. Android has the material design, whereas iOS uses the flat design. This is a crucial factor when converting from Android to iOS. The flat design in iOS does not include the 3d effects of different graphics. The focus there is on device functionality and effortlessness. On the Android platform, the material design offers the scope of greater flexibility.
  • Everyone needs to keep in mind the version of the Operating System. The app should support the brand new version iOS for example.
  • These two platforms have different frameworks and libraries. That way the person should find the appropriate tools, libraries, frameworks, settings, and services.
  • The converted apps need a thorough checkup, as the differences between these two platforms are significantly different. This will include things like, testing the integration, testing the validation, UAT, and testing the Beta Plan.
  • After getting the testing done, the app needs to be submitted in Apple’s App Store. Reviewing the App Store Review Guidelines is the final step.

4 Reasons Why Porting from Android to iOS will help the business to grow

  • Can Turn the Entire World into a Potential Business.
  • To reach new markets.
  • Can provide with higher Profitability.
  • Finally, two is better than one.

Steps to Convert from Android to iOS

Using Modern Programming Languages

Swift and Objective-C are programming languages for the iOS platform, while Kotlin and Java are languages for the Android. Kotlin and Java have recently arrived in the scene.

  • It can’t be possibly said that both the languages mentioned above are completely identical, but it is possible to copy some parts of the codes in them, and change and mould according to our wish.

  • Both Java and Kotlin have similar syntax. Developers, who clearly know Swift, can clearly deal and understand the codes from Kotlin. This means that if the app was either written in Kotlin, or in Swift, the developers can change some parts of the code and takes less time to convert an app from Android to iOS.

To Separate the Business Logic from the Platform-specific Code

To use and make the first advice operational, the developers will differentiate between relevant features in both the platforms, and then will choose the ones which are mainly relevant to them. A platform-specific code specifically refers to the UI that comprises the visual part of the app.

How to convert an iOS code to Android code and vice versa?

If the visitor is not aware of the statement mentioned above, we have listed the pitfalls and ways to deal with.

How to Deal with Different Programming Languages?

It should always be remembered that not all programming languages are same, and that every language has its own Syntax. It is for this reason that it takes a lot of patience to build the same feature for same platforms.

Give yourself some brownie points if you are already aware of the fact that Modern Programming Languages are quite similar enough to let the develop copy certain parts of the codes and then copy and correct them according to his wish.

The Entire Cost To Convert From Android to iOS

The entire process will take a week or more, so no one should expect a swift and smooth convert within minutes. The entire process includes the adaptation of new features and designs to meet the requirements of Android Specific Platforms, creating a corresponding backend, apply to monetization models, etc.

A Useful Case Study

A successful example of concerting from Android to iOS is at MLSDev- the Yummi App. This app allows the user to log into food memories and effectively share them with personal contacts. The app in its later stages was converted to Android.

The Conclusion

  1. It is to be always remembered that to convert from Android to iOS, is not an easy one click process.
  2. For this purpose, one has to develop the second separately. This will utilize comparatively less time than from building an app from point zero.
  3. An Expert from the field of IT will always recommend you to take the help of mobile development agency. An android app development company or an iOS app development company will do the work. These agencies will also support in post- release support.
  4. Cross-platform development solutions will be a great option.

If the visitor needs a tech team to the work, he can completely trust Moon Technolabs for solutions. Porting from one platform to another will not be an issue if the person selects the right hands to do the work.