Anything that will stop airports grounding planes during holibobs, really

With one eye on the pre-Chrimbo debacle at Gatwick Airport, the Ministry of Defence has flung £2m at a "counter drone" fund to address the "threat to national security" posed by remote-controlled aircraft.

Ever ready with the canned quote, omnipresent defence secretary Gavin Williamson declared this morning: "As the security threats from hostile drones are evolving at pace, it's critical that our armed forces benefit from the very latest technology to stay ahead."

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), which is the MoD's tech innovation tentacle, is chipping £2m off the Defence Innovation Fund's £80m/year annual budget to fund a competition for industry to come up with new anti-drone ideas.

Promising ideas picked by DASA get £800k for further development.

The best of those then get more cash firehosed at them to turn them into viable products for military units to deploy, as DASA itself explained in detail.

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