Indeed, even the FCC’s democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has publicly admitted previously that the FCC’s own broadband coverage maps are ‘terrible’, and they need to fix those maps as soon as possible.

And Microsoft agrees with her, after it blogged on Monday it was time time for a new approach for mapping broadband data to better serve Americans.

For the record the FCC claims that 24.7 million people (mostly in rural areas) do not have broadband coverage.

But Microsoft’s data shows that in actual fact 162.8 million American people do not use the Internet at broadband speeds.

“Every day, our world becomes a little more digital.

But reaping the benefits of this digital world – pursuing new educational opportunities through distance learning, feeding the world through precision agriculture, growing a small business by leveraging the cloud, and accessing better healthcare through telemedicine – is only possible for those with a broadband connection, a link not available to at least 25 million people, 19 million of whom live in this country’s rural areas, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC),” blogged Microsoft’s chief data analytics officer John Kahan.

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