A new survey of American teenagers reveals they’re turning more and more to digital stores for their games.

Gone is the era of kids forking cash over countertops — now they’re increasingly turning to their parents’ credit cards in the Epic Games Store.

The survey comes from Piper Jaffray’s annual Taking Stock With Teens survey, in which 8,000 teens detailed their spending habits and their online lives, including which brands they prefer, what social media they’re likely to turn to, and, of course, how and where they buy their video games.

Among the teenage boys who responded, Piper Jaffray found they spent around 14 percent of their money on games (they only spent more money on food and clothing), with girls spending around one percent.

Given that the teens reported they spend around $2,600 a year, that means young men spend about $364 on games, and girls $36.

And, more to the point, a full 60 percent of them said they preferred downloading their games to buying a physical copy.

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