What if the Galaxy Note 10 or next year's Galaxy S11 had a slide-out camera with lenses that take your selfies before swiveling around to snap a portrait of your dog?

After all, if Samsung thought this slide-up, swivel-around camera is good enough for a midrange phone, it's certainly good enough for the brand's most advanced Android device, right?

Cameras, too, are becoming more mechanized to rise out of the belly of the beast in various ways.

Here are four reasons it could make sense to see Samsung bring the Galaxy A80's slide-up swivel camera to a more premium Samsung phone like the Note 10 or Galaxy S11, and three reasons it might not.

Why double up on cameras, or use a subpar front-facing sensor for your selfies, when you can use your best cameras to take a self-portrait too?

Samsung saved both those milestones for phones in its midtier Galaxy A series.

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