When the controversy around Sekiro broke, the idea of it needing an “easy mode” seemed silly to me.

I had just won the title of Global Gaming Citizen at The Game Awards in December, a recognition for the positive work I’ve done in our industry including my life’s work at AbleGamers.

I responded to the outrage with several of my own tweets explaining how games like Sekiro and Dark Souls can be made more accessible without harming the creator’s intent.

“We don’t want to include a difficulty selection because we want to bring everyone to the same level of discussion and the same level of enjoyment,” Miyazaki said.

“So we want everyone … to first face that challenge and to overcome it in some way that suits them as a player.”

Sadly, Miyazaki and the many others who share those sentiments are not taking into account that for people with disabilities, the playing field doesn’t start everyone off on the same level.

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