The adorable little Audi AI:Me concept debuts this week at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show combining self-driving technology, electric motivation and a gorgeous, high-tech cabin with a dash of virtual reality tech.

It's the automaker's answer to the unsexy reality that even with the all of promises of autonomy, traffic isn't getting better anytime soon.

The smaller sibling of the 2017 Audi Aicon concept, the AI:Me looks a lot like that previous self-driving vision on the outside, albeit at a smaller and more urban-friendly scale.

The difference being that Level 4 systems' autonomous functions are limited to specific areas or conditions -- for example, highways or specific self-driving city zones -- so the AI:Me concept features a traditional steering wheel and pedals that retract into the dashboard during autonomous operation, like during a traffic jam, and reappear when it's time for a human to take over.

The AI:Me concept is designed around the idea of urban driving starting with its compact dimensions.

For comparison, that's slightly shorter than an Audi A3 with a wheelbase as long as an A4 and more headroom than a Q3 -- this thing is basically all cabin.

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