It's always a good idea to have your party videogames ready in advance, because the last thing you want when everyone's nicely tipsy is to have to download a load of updates.

The games on this list are of course hugely subjective, and we're anticipating a bit of rage from people whose favourites didn't make the list.

Everyone has their favourite version of Mario Party, and which one you choose is going to depend a lot on which consoles you have kicking around (unless you don't have any Nintendo ones, in which case you'd better move on to 2).

There are versions of the franchise for Nintendo 64 (the original), GameCube, Wii, Wii U and Switch, all with their own quirks and minigames.

There are plenty of opportunities to screw over your opponents, as well as showing off obscure knowledge gleaned from watching too much Pointless.

The game will give you a secret prompt on your phone screen, and you have just two colours and your fingers to represent that thing in a way that your friends will get.

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