I've just opened and closed (and opened and closed and...) the Galaxy Fold for the first time since Samsung announced its foldable phone on February 20, and I've got to say, I'm thrilled by the experience so far.

By keeping us reviewers far away from the Galaxy Fold -- this is previously the closest I got -- and releasing teasing videos, Samsung has built a certain mystique around its folding phone.

This is a handset I've been drooling over for weeks, and now it's finally here.

But despite the plastic interior screen and bezel, the moment I picked it up (opened) and started using it, it truly felt like a cohesive, premium phone.

But now there's enough critical mass, thanks to handset-makers like Samsung, Huawei and TCL, that foldable phones are becoming more real every day.

The opening and closing mechanism is smooth thanks to a large hinge on the side, and that makes the width of the phone's "wings" narrow.

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