Bottled water has been one of the early casualties of the war on plastic, because obviously it's pretty damn wasteful to get a whole new bottle every time you need a hydration cylinder.

Well, Evian (we refuse to use the lower-case E, and while we're at it, yes we know it spells 'naive' backwards) reckons they've solved it with a strange reusable bubble thing that goes in your house.

With the wanktastic name of "evian (re)new" (we pasted that directly from the press release so you can see what we're dealing with here), the gadget is "a stunning in-home water appliance which provides consumers with the unique purity of evian natural mineral water at home from the source with a significant reduction in plastic packaging."

Basically, it's a home water dispenser with a collapsible "bubble" (or "bladder" in less PR-friendly terms) of stretchy plastic that holds the water itself.

The bubble deflates as you use the water, "taking on a new shape after each use".

It's also made from recycled plastic and is 100 per cent recyclable itself.

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