With the raging heat of the summer, it is essential for us to protect our skin which remains one of the most vulnerable as it is directly exposed to the sun. It is vital for us to take each and every measurement to protect it from the harmful ray of the sun. And one of the best ways to protect our skin from sun is by applying a coat of the sunscreen throughout out the body covering each and every part which will remain exposed. But, we shouldn’t restrict to applying sunscreen only on the summers. We should apply it throughout the year as the harmful rays of the sun is shining bright and reaching directly to our skin throughout the year. Here are a few factors which reflects why you should always apply green beaver sunscreen.

  • Provides protection from UV Rays

Due to the increase amount of pollution, the ozone layer, which is getting depleted day by day is failing to block the harmful rays of the sun for which it is directly reaching our skin. Even though it is true that sun provides us with Vitamin D which is essential for our body but we shouldn’t expose our skin directly under the sun. You should always apply a layer of oscillococcinum before exposing it under the sun which is available at health food stores Winnipeg.

  • Prevents premature aging

The harmful rays of the sun have multiple effects on our skin, and one of the worst one is that it kills the radiance of our skin which eventually leads to wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. So, if you want to avoid your skin to look dull or get full of wrinkles, it is essential that you start applying sunscreen on your skin which you can get at bell online for protecting it from the sun and retaining that radiant glow of your skin forever.

  • Minimizes the risks of skin cancer

One of the most harmful effects of the UV rays is that it is one of the major causes of skin cancer. And melanoma is one of the most common skin condition that occurs due the exposure of bare skin directly under the sun. To know more about protecting your skin, visit vitasave.ca today.