Both Sony and Microsoft are setting expectations for their future game consoles, revealing information about new hardware within 24 hours of each other.

Sony revealed that its unnamed next-gen console would be AMD-based, support high-end graphics features like ray tracing and 8K output, and switch to high-speed SSD storage.

Microsoft followed with the announcement of the Xbox One S, a late-in-life addition to the Xbox One line that finally ditches the optical drive.

One reading of the tea leaves is that one or both may drop the long-standing optical disc drives and traditional platter hard drives for some combination of cloud-streaming and download-only games.

As of right now, Sony's Mark Cerny tells Wired that the next-gen PlayStation will still be able to use physical media.

That might mean optical discs, but could also be some kind of removable flash drive (or maybe optical discs only for playing older, backward-compatible game discs).

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