Apple has opened up about its effort to become even more environmentally friendly, by offering an insight into its normally secretive factories.

The iPad maker this week announced a “major expansion of its recycling programs” and showed to the world its iPhone eating robot called Daisy located at its Material Recovery Lab in Austin, Texas.

Daisy the recycling robot allows for the disassembly and recycling of used iPhones in both the United States and the Netherlands.

The idea is that Apple customers can return their unwanted or old iPhones to Best Buy stores throughout the US and KPN retailers in the Netherlands.

Eligible devices can also be returned to be recycled at any Apple Store or through as part of the Apple Trade In program.

It comes after Apple announced in 2017 that its goal “one day” would be to make its devices using 100 percent recycled materials, rather than mining for metals and toxic rare materials such as tungsten and cobalt.

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