Like the Moto G-series phones that have come before it, the G7 series is designed to give you everything you need in an smartphone, and a little extra, for a third the price of a new iPhone or top Android phone.

In the past few years, affordable Android phones have blossomed into a respectable, popular corner of the smartphone garden.

Flagship phones like the Galaxy S10 still sell in the millions, but they’ve had to bulk up, and grow more luxurious than ever to attract eyeballs as they sit next to phones like the Moto G on store shelves.

Last year’s Moto G6 was a great value for $250, but its camera was molasses and menus would get herky jerky if you surprised them.

I switched from a $1,000 Galaxy S10 Plus to a Moto G7 when I began the review, and it wasn’t all that difficult.

On paper, the G7 would get steamrolled by the S10 in almost every metric, and S10 is definitely a better phone.

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