This week, during the times when folks in the gaming industry weren't talking about Sony's next-generation console, they were often talking about Nintendo.

As we've discussed on Replay before, China has a very different videogame market than the West, with strong regulations requiring local corporate partners and lots of oversight to get videogame hardware released in the country.

With Tencent's help, though, the Nintendo Switch has gotten government approval to appear in the region for the first time.

No word on when, precisely, the console will hit stores in the region, but it's on the way.

Nintendo Is Out of the Health Gadget Business

For years, one of the great mysteries of Nintendo has been the fate of their so-called "quality-of-life" technology, which was said to use their expertise (and their affinity, in the pre-Switch days, for weird peripherals) to create a series of personal health devices that would do things like monitor your sleep and provide useful information on it.

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