Samsung has been flaunting its flexible display technology for years, but the company finally showcased the culmination of those efforts with the Galaxy Fold, its $1,980 foldable smartphone that goes on sale April 26.

Cameras are located on the front, back, and inside of the device so that you can take photos whether the phone is open or shut.

The device supports facial recognition, so you can unlock the device just by looking at it, but there's also a fingerprint sensor located along the side of the device near the volume keys and the button that launches Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant.

With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is first in a category it clearly believes will represent the future of smartphones.

A small number of reviewers reported that the screen had broken after just two days of use, a troubling sign for a device that's slated to launch in a matter of days.

I've been using the Galaxy Fold for four days, and have not encountered any screen issues or other malfunctions with the device.

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