Microsoft employees have been using an internal message board to criticize the company’s pro-diversity efforts, referring to the hiring of women and minorities as “discriminatory” against white and Asian men, according to a report from Quartz.

Microsoft has left these threads untouched, drawing criticism from other employees who feel the company talks up its diversity and inclusion efforts, but takes little meaningful action to reinforce them at a cultural level.

Earlier this month, women at Microsoft began sharing stories of sexual harassment and discrimination and claiming the company has done little to nothing to resolve the issues.

Their stories have since made international headlines and prompted a response from CEO Satya Nadella, who says the company is as dedicated as ever to its diversity and inclusion efforts and will revamp how its human resources division investigates such cases.

But Microsoft’s lack of official response to internal anti-diversity messages speaks to the challenges the company faces in actually following through with its efforts.

The situation is reminiscent of the one Google faced with James Damore, a software engineer who was critical of his employer’s diversity efforts and published an internal memo that implied female workers are not as proficient at technical roles as male workers.

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