Environmental Pollution

Pollution is the addition of any such constituent to air, water or land which adversely alters the natural quality of the environment.

Different harmful pollutants in environment that make environment unhealthy to live in. Dust, storms, rotting of vegetation, volcanic eruptions etc… are the natural phenomena which release dust particles and poisonous gases in the environment.These are the kinds of Environmental Pollution.

Air Quality Testing

It affects both plants and human life directly and indirectly. Most gaseous air pollutants are tiny in size and are easily lodged within a person’s lungs. From there they can transport themselves straight into one’s blood supply and cause havoc within whole body. 

Water pollution Effects On Human Health

Water pollution causes cholera, typhoid and other diseases to the population which uses this water. The polluted water damages fishes and other aquatic life. It affects the entire biosphere plants and organism living in this damage water.

Global Warming

The amount of greenhouse gases has increased in the atmosphere due to human activities and the burning of fuels. The increase in the rate of the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion is increasing the average temperature of the earth. As a result; the earth’s globe is getting warmer. This is called global warming.

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