If you find yourself grudgingly, perhaps even bitterly appreciating the lush and intensely curated travel photos in your Instagram feed, this ad campaign might speak to you.

Dubbing such the social media practice the “hate-like,” Hotels.com and agency CPB are building their newest Captain Obvious ads around our tendency to click like on things that also get under our skin—not because the photos are lovely, but rather because they make us a bit resentful of the lucky few who seem to travel the globe in A-list style at a whim.

Hotels.com is promising to help you book your own vacation on par with the filtered influencer fare glamming up your feed, though they’re not promising to offer the personal stylist and retoucher truly required to turn the tables.

In “ MyDream”, a commuter to Omaha looks on while someone else enjoys his dream of vacationing alongside rapper and increasingly frequent ad star Lil Jon, who recently appeared in a Pepsi Super Bowl ad and did a collab with Kool-Aid Man.

In “ Romance”, a woman longs for a dreamy getaway to bond with her husband, though they seem maybe a bit too comfortable together already.

“It’s easy to sell people on the idea of a vacation, but harder to tap into the truth that’s keeping them from vacationing,” says Quinn Katherman, creative director at CPB.

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