Historically, Apple has used its annual WWDC event to debut new details and features of its upcoming version of the iOS mobile operating system, with the new OS then releasing a few months later with the arrival of that year's new iPhones.

This year, WWDC is scheduled for June 3 and we fully expect iOS 13 to take center stage – meaning we don’t have too long to wait before we find out exactly what iOS 13 will bring later this year.

Rumors have already hinted at what could be part of iOS 13’s feature set – according to one report, we could see a system-wide dark mode, app tabs and a new undo gesture, alongside a major overhaul of the interface for iPads.

Then there’s the slew of Animoji sprites we’re expecting to see in iOS 13.

Apple already gave us a preview of 230 new characters being added to the library, but a new leak suggests four more could be incoming.

According to developer Steven Troughton-Smith, users of the latest iPhones will soon be able to get into the head of a cow, octopus, mouse and… wait for it… an emoji face.

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