The second episode of Game of Thrones final season brought with it a sense of calm before the storm – unless you so happen to be A Song of Ice and Fire theorist, because the episode’s use of a particular element from the books might have got your head spinning a little bit.

It was an episode filled with great character vignettes and the heart the season premiere lacked, but it also included a quiet little moment that could have some huge ramifications for the series’ endgame – and it’s all thanks to Podrick Payne.

Well, specifically, the song Podrick sings on the eve of battle, set over shots of our heroes reckoning with what could very well be the final night of their lives.

Aside from being hauntingly beautiful (hell of a set of pipes on Daniel Portman!

), and before the end credits gave us a spectacular cover by none other than Florence + The Machine – check out the official lyric video HBO released for that below!

The mournful “Jenny of Oldstones,” also known in the books as “Jenny’s Song,” has only a single line when it’s first sung by Brotherhood without Banners member Tom of Sevenstreams in A Storm of Swords, a gift to the old woman known as the Ghost of High Heart, so the Brotherhood can be given insight into her visions:

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