Google Voice is one of those services of which people tend to say, “Is that still around?

Originally called GrandCentral before it was bought by Google in 2009 and only intermittently updated since, Voice is a telecommunications service that works in conjunction with your existing phone service and offers a free secondary phone number with voicemail, SMS capabilities, and other services.

Although Voice’s interface is a bit old-fashioned (despite a relatively recent update), and (this being Google) there is always the chance that the company will suddenly decide to get rid of it, it’s a very good alternative.

You can sign up for Google Voice either on the web or by downloading the Google Voice app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Google will give you a choice of several locations in your region.

You’ll be asked to enter your existing phone number so you can be texted a six-number code (if you don’t want to text, you can opt to receive a phone call).

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