If you think that all gaming laptops are clunky and heavy beasts, Dell wants to change your mind.

Even though its XPS 15 — based off of the XPS 13, which is arguably one of the best Windows laptops — can already support discrete graphics, Dell announced that the larger XPS notebook has been updated to include the latest silicons on the market today.

This means that the XPS 15 can support up to Intel’s latest 9th-Generation mobile Core i9 processor alongside Nvidia’s new GTX 1650 graphics.

Alongside those internal updates, the XPS 15 is also undergoing a slight redesign that will make it more appealing to users.

In particular, game streamers and those who rely on the built-in webcam on the notebook will be happy to know that the XPS 15 will, like this year’s XPS 13, feature the camera above the display, rather than below the screen as on previous iterations of this notebook.

Popular mainstay features — like a beefy 97Wh battery and a selection of full-size ports — will remain on the redesigned XPS 15, according to The Verge.

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