AT will reportedly get to keep using its misleading "5G E" marketing for its 4G network after settling a false advertising lawsuit filed by Sprint.

AT and Sprint met with US District Judge Vernon Broderick yesterday and informed him "that they had reached settlement in principle," Broderick wrote in an order paving the way for the case to be dismissed.

Broderick ordered the carriers to "submit a stipulation of voluntary dismissal no later than April 24, 2019" or a joint letter on the status of their settlement talks if they aren't ready to dismiss the case yet.

"Terms of the resolution weren't available, but a person familiar with the situation said the carrier will continue to use the 5G E brand—short for 5G Evolution—in advertising and on its phones," the Houston Chronicle wrote today.

We asked AT and Sprint whether there will be any changes to AT's use of 5G E on phone network indicators, but we received only short statements from each carrier that they have "amicably" settled the lawsuit.

If Sprint didn't win any concessions on the 5G E front, it's possible that it's receiving a financial settlement from AT5G E is 4G LTE

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