And after doing everything from watching videos and reading the news to writing emails on that enormous 7.3-inch screen, you'll never want to go back to "only" a 6-inch display again.

We knew there would be growing pains, but nobody expected the screens on some reviewers' phones to malfunction so quickly, or for Samsung to postpone the Fold's April 26 sale date for weeks while it investigated what went wrong.

That sucked, because the incidents cast a pall over the Fold and over the concept of foldable phones in general.

While it's likely the company wants to do some damage control before more issues develop, reviewers were also told at the outside that we'd have a limited, 10-day review period before having to give the phones back.

But if Samsung and its rivals can fix major problems that the Fold's seeing now, and enough people wind up clamoring for the design, then foldable phones have a chance to change the way people use their devices.

A magnetic closure helps the Fold feel securely closed.

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