Most of us confuse orthodontists with dentists, although they fall under the same umbrella and help in improving your oral health but there is a slight difference. Dentistry a broad medical term deals with general dental care like tooth decay, root canal, gum swelling, etc. etc. whereas orthodontia is a branch of dentistry dealing with abnormalities of teeth like misaligned teeth, etc.

Orthodontists’ job is to identify issues with your teeth and mouth like gaps between the teeth, overlapping of teeth, etc. They even have many tools to solve these alignment problems; one of the most common solutions is braces. You must have heard of them, it is a bunch of bands connected to a wire that encircle the teeth, pulls the teeth together and help align them straight. This is a time taking process but no doubt it is very effective. If you don’t like braces, then you another option is of aligners, it is a series of mouthpiece custom-made to slip and fit over the teeth tightly. There are veneers as well, custom made to fit the size and color of your teeth, giving you a perfectly beautiful smile. All of these tasks are taken care of, by orthodontist Garden Grove.

On the other hand, dentists are your primary dental care service provider; they identify your problems and treat your oral health care needs inclusive of root canals, fillings, bridges, etc. They are your go to professional for any dental care problem you have on a daily basis like swelling in gum, etc. You can even ask take some suggestions on oral hygiene to maintain a healthy dental care habit. Let’s talk about the white strand between your teeth gap. It is basically a strand of the dental pulp, the substance that supplies the tooth with nutrients to survive and function healthily. Protecting and saving the tooth from falling. If the pulp becomes diseased and dies, the teeth will stop receiving any nutrients and become unhealthy. And if the diseased doesn’t get removed and treated then it will affect the tooth, resulting in the extraction of the tooth. Herein, comes root canal, it’s the pulp filling to make sure that the tooth doesn’t get decayed and affected more. You can get Root canal Fountain Valley done for a brief temporary period of time and after that, it gets replaced with permanent filling; this all depends on the location of the tooth within the mouth.

In this technology-driven time, it has become easier to make appointments online with the touch of a click, sharing your concerned health issue and getting treated accordingly within no time. So, don’t wait too long for the decaying process to get completed. Visit your nearest dentist to keep your oral care hygienic and health, now!