Not too long ago, an entrepreneur named Matthew messaged me on Facebook with a refreshingly honest request for help, writing: "This is my fifth year and I would honestly like to know how to get my name out there.” What he had in mind, Matthew continued, was, “getting my company in magazine columns… even magazine covers…”

What he wanted to create, he wrote, was ... buzz.

Build a reputation as a founder respected by employees and customers alike.

Schatz is a friend of mine and the former assistant managing editor for healthcare coverage at Crain’s New York Business (as well as a former editor at Bloomberg News and Businessweek and an expert freelancer).

"They would pitch things from, say, Wisconsin or somewhere, and send me an email blast,” Schatz continued, noting that her publication is based solely in New York -- It's right there in the name, Crain’s New York Business.

Think of Sara Blakely and Spanx, Steve Jobs and Apple, etc.

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