Fifteen years of feature creep have left Gmail feeling a little cluttered and over-burdened for some users, including Michael Leggett, who served as the product’s lead designer from 2008 to 2012.

(Fast Company has an interview with Leggett about the extension.)

So who better to help strip Gmail back to its simpler roots?

His free Chrome extension, Simplify, does just that, polishing away all the Gmail excess leaving only its most basic and important functions exposed with easier to find shortcuts.

Some might love the minimalist facelift, while others might miss all the extra functionality Google’s introduced over the years.

Leggett, who also co-founded the much loved and much-missed Inbox app, decided to release Simplify the day after Google’s April 1, 2019, 15-year anniversary announcement which heralded the arrival of built-in email scheduling – and not the complete makeover he felt it desperately needed.

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