A guarantee from the Swedish Export credits guarantee board, EKN makes it easier to get access to the funding that many times is crucial for small and medium-sized companies to be able to bet on export.

the Need of finance can stand in the way of important ' export activities.

Many times, the solution may be to get in touch with EKN, as EKN's guarantees lowers the risk involved in the transaction.

This makes it ultimately easier for the companies to get access to finance through the bank or other players.

" The neat thing with the EKN is that we have guarantees that are tailored to the various specific difficulties that the exporter faces.

in Addition to the actual financing solution, it can also in many cases be valuable to be able to take advantage of our knowledge of the different export markets and how to evaluate customers and finansieringsupplägg, " says Anna Långström, senior underwriter at EKN.

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