Google Chromecast is a streaming device that can connect with a TV and can cast Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other compatible services from the internet. Chromecast is connected to a home Wi-Fi network to cast movie, videos, or music. There is an error that comes with the Chromecast saying “Reconnect Me: and describing the issue.” If you’re also getting “Reconnect Me:” error message saying “Chromecast is connected to the Wi-Fi, but can’t access the internet,” then here are the troubleshooting tricks to sort out this problem.

Troubleshooting tricks:

1. Check your internet.

2. Check Chromecast is set up successfully.

3. Check the device, Chromecast, as well as the router is in range.

4. Restart Chromecast.

5. Factory reset your Chromecast.

Check your internet

First, check your Wi-Fi network and try to connect with your other devices, mobile, tablet, or computer.

• If your other devices are able to connect with the same Wi-Fi and accessing the internet, but your Chromecast not, then try the next trick.

• If none of your devices is able to connect with the same Wi-Fi or access the internet, restart your router.

To restart:

i. Disconnect the Wi-Fi router and connect it again after 2 minutes.

ii. If your router has a backup battery pack, then you have to disconnect them too in order to turn off your router completely.

iii. Once you restart your router, take your device and try to connect your Chromecast to the Wi-Fi.

If the Chromecast able to access the internet, that’s awesome, now you don’t need to proceed to the next step.

Check Chromecast is set up successfully

If you’re getting the error message after doing any changes in your router or its location, continue reading.

If there is no changes have been done in the router’s name, location, password, etc., then you can skip.

Recent changes in the router can cause the error to arise, check the following in the Home app.

• Open the app and check the device list, if ‘Needs setup’ is appearing, it means you have to set up your device again.

• Open the app and check your device name is listed there, if the device name is already listed there then try to change the Wi-Fi network of the Chromecast.

Check the device, Chromecast, as well as the router is in range

The devices should be in the maximum range, within 5 or 6 meters. Your Google Chromecast should be as much as possible close to the device (mobile, tablet, or computer) you used to set up it. And both, the device and Chromecast should be close to the router. Keeping the devices close with each other also provides strong connectivity.

If they are already closer, or moving them closer didn’t fix the error, jump to next trick.

Restart Chromecast

In two ways, you can reboot your Chromecast from the Home app and direct from the Chromecast device.

Form the app:

Make sure that the device (mobile, tablet, or computer) you’re using is connected with the same Wi-Fi network to which the Chromecast is.

1. Open ‘Home’ app.

2. Tap ‘Devices.’

3. Select the device to reboot.

4. Select ‘Settings’.

5. Tap ‘More’ button.

6. Select ‘Reboot’.

From the Chromecast:

1. Disconnect the power cable.

2. Connect it back after one minute.

After rebooting the Chromecast, try to access the internet. If the error has gone, then you can stop here. If still showing the same error message, now you have to perform a factory reset.

Factory reset your Chromecast

Factory resetting process may vary with the Chromecast devices and can be done from the Home app as well as from the Chromecast itself.

From Chromecast:

• While it is connecting to your TV, press the button of the Chromecast for 25-30 seconds.

• Don’t release until you’ll the Chromecast’s light starts flashing.

• The TV goes blank and then begins with the reboot sequence.

Hope your Chromecast will be able to access the internet after setting up it again.

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