Just like publishers, influencers have to ride the many changes social platforms bring to their business—for better or worse.

From algorithm changes to the FTC cracking down on sponsored ads, life’s not always as fun and curated as it appears in the feed.

Instagram’s newest tool for creators lets them tag products in their posts, making it easier for users to shop some of their favorite looks from their favorite influencers.

Influencer marketing experts say the new feature, which is currently only available in beta to 50 creators, may end up working out in favor of influencers by giving them another bargaining chip for brand partnerships, collecting valuable data about driving consumers towards a purchase—while still generating additional revenue through affiliate links.

“I think influencers are excited about it,” said Mae Karwowski, CEO and founder of influencer marketing agency Obviously.

“They are excited to better show the amount of traffic and revenue they could drive.

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