Wood Plastic Composites Market Overview: In 2016, the Global Wood plastic composites market was worth $ 2,551 million and is expected to reach $ 6,584 million by 2023, a CAGR of 12.6% will be registered from 2017 to 2023.

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) is with benefits such as recycled plastic and wood waste, which are beneficial features, such as low leakage temperatures, to reduce the energy efficiency of the producers and the environmental impact of the product. These are increasing at a high rate between mixed plastic additives. New uses for wood-based composites are continuously running. These hybrid materials provide sustainable, long-term and cost savings in a large number of applications, such as car speakers, interiors, home furniture, and kitchen appliances. In the global wood-plastic composites market, the demand for high-availability, construction and construction applications of unused plastics and wood wastes, and stringent rules on the use of chemicals in construction materials. However, issues related to increased cost of raw materials and mechanical strengths and / or items inhibit their ability for many structural applications. On the other hand, global WPC market is expected to create opportunities due to the increasing biodegrade raw material implementation.

Market players have accepted the combination as their main plan to expand their brand portfolio and increase their market. Samples of global wood-plastic composite markets are divided into types, applications and geographical basis. Based on this type, PE-based composites, PVC-based composites, PP-based composites and others are classified into. Based on the application, they are divided into building and construction, automotive components, industrial and consumer products, and others.

Find out more about Top Investment Pocket Reports: Request sample pages in 2016, kitchen ingredients are the seventh part of the world's largest market in terms of area revenue. In recent years, part of the automotive component is the most profitable part of the investment, because interactive automotive parts have high recyclable, standardized, stable and lightweight. In this way, this section hopes to show the rate of high growth, with substantial repayment of investment to shareholders, with significant earnings contributing to shareholders. Global Wood-Plastic Composites Market Analysis is the reason for the automotive and construction sector's flexibility in global wood-plastic composites wood in Asia-Pacific.

European countries like Germany, the UK and France have seen strong demand for wood-plastic composites due to strict regulations in the Environmental Compliance Evaluation (ECA) for automotive components.

The key players profiled in the report include:

  • Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies
  • Axion International
  • Beologic
  • Certainteed Corporation
  • Fiberon
  • Fkur Kunststoff
  • Polymera
  • Tamko Building Products
  • Timbertech Ltd
  • Trex Company
  • GEM
  • Jufeng
  • New Tech Wood
  • Sentai Wpc

The other market players (not profiled in report) in the value chain include

  • Crane Plastics
  • CPG International LLC.
  • Findock International Inc.
  • Guangzhou Kindwood Co. Ltd.
  • Josef Ehrler GmbH & Co. Kg
  • North Wood Plastics Inc.
  • Universal Forest Products Inc.
  • Polyplank AB
  • OnSpec Composites Inc.
  • Plygem Holdings Inc.

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