This report is the result of a wide market research covering the roof products market in the Philippines. There is detailed historical and predictable market value data for the market of Rooftop Products and its categories (clay roofing products, slate tiles and bitumen roofing felts), Includes data with the domestic product, supply balance, existing stock, imports, and exports.

'Roofing Products in Philippines to 2018: Market Data Book’ in the roof products industry in the Philippines provides market insights and insights. This is a necessary tool for companies operating in the Philippine Construction Value chain and For new players who are entering the market.


Overview of the roofing products market in Philippines Historic and forecast market values for the roofing products market and its categories (clay roofing products, slate tiles and bitumen roofing felts) for the period 2009 through to 2018.

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This report provides valuable market data for the roof products market in the Philippines. In this report, you have a record of market value through domestic production, supply balance, existing stocks, imports and exports.

This report allows you to plan future business decisions using the budgeted budget

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· BITUMEN ROOFING FELTS5.1 Bitumen Roofing Felts Market Value, 2009-2013


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