These days technology is advancing at a pace of mind where dental experts can modify their technique and makes their technique time saving, an easier and convenient.the very good example of it is the use of NiTi alloy in use of making dental instruments.

In Endodontics, there are NiTi files which are tapered engine-driven and pointed instrument with cutting edges used to mechanically shape and prepare the root canal during RCT or Retreatment cases and in other cases like fractures and alinement of teeth.

It is commonly used in endodontic practice instead of stainless steel due to its super-flexibility and shape memory feature.

The specially designed NiTi files work in a similar but reverse-balanced force action using a pre-programmed motor to move the files in a back and forth reciprocal motion.

They particularly exhibit superelastic behavior between 16-125 degree Celsius.

NiTi alloy comes in hand and rotary files in 2,4,6,8% taper with different length in 21,25,31mm.

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