By using application, you can calculate the broadband or mobile data parameters. You can get an accurate speed test results of Wi-Fi through smartphone or computer, but interference from the wireless connection will run obliquely. Learn how to check internet broadband speed.

Steps for Checking Internet Broadband Speed Through Smartphone

• You have to start installing the application by going to the App Store.

• You can use application to check the mobile data and Wi-Fi speed.

• You need to unpair all the other smartphones from the mobile data or Wi-Fi of which you wish to check the speed.

• You can pair only one device to the Wi-Fi connection when you wish to check the Internet broadband speed.

• Enable the Wi-Fi in case you wish to check the speed of your mobile data.

• You do not follow this step in case you wish to check the broadband speed instead of mobile data speed.

• For the Android users, go down to the settings option, press on the ‘Wi-Fi” option and after that, turn the toggle into the disable position.

• For the iOS device users, go to the settings option, click on the Wi-Fi button and after that, slide the toggle to the disable position.

Steps for Checking Internet Broadband Speed Through Computer

• In case you use any VPN, then try to unpair it from the smartphone.

• For the Mac users, press on the VPN status symbol given at the upper side of the display and after that, tap on the “Disconnect from

(your network) option.

• For the Windows users, tap on the network connection option located in the end right-hand side of the display and after that, tap on the “Network Settings” or “Network Connections” option. You have to right-click on the VPN connection symbol and after that, choose the “Disconnect” option.

• You need to unpair the system from the Wi-Fi connection.

• Now, unpair all other smartphones from the Wi-Fi connection.

• You have to connect one side of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet sockets.

• Connect the other side of the Ethernet cable into the system Ethernet sockets.

• Disconnect the power cords from the wireless broadband modem.

• Connect the wireless broadband modem and power on it.

• You need to close any application open on the display which accesses the Wi-Fi connection.

• Go to the speed text online site in the browsing application.

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