Just revealed by Lego, Stranger Things will come to brick-based nirvana next month with this 2,287-piece set, naturally titled “The Upside Down.” The ginormous set, including eight minifigures in total, doesn’t just recreate the Byers household, but its sinister mirrored version in the realm of the Upside Down.

The house itself actually floats in the centre of the set, suspended in the air by the giant trees flanking both the Upside Down and normal versions, which are sturdy enough that you can actually flip the entire set around to display either version right side up.

And, of course thanks to Lego studs being everywhere, you can make it look even trippier by posing Hopper’s car or the minifigures as if they were walking around upside down.

Even beyond that, the house has way more going on – both the Upside Down and real-world versions are built out to feature several rooms recreating moments from the series.

This includes the famous wall of string lights used to communicate with the Upside Down – which actually lights up, thanks to a cleverly-placed lightup brick!

– or Will’s bedroom, clad in movie posters (and even a place to hold his Will the Wise wizarding hat).

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