Sponsored webcast While many organisations like the speed, efficiency and cost benefits of the public cloud, some like to keep a few things to themselves by keeping their own in-house IT systems.

Hybrid-cloud models combining some mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party public cloud services, are often the answer.

The question is how do you replicate the public cloud experience in an on-prem, off-prem environment without having to undertake a full-scale transfer of your organisation’s systems and applications?

Join our webinar at 3pm UK time, today, Wednesday, 15 May, to hear advice from Phil Starrett, chief technology officer of hybrid cloud at HPE UK, Tony Lock from IT analysts Freeform Dynamics, and The Reg’s own cloud expert Jon Collins on how to build on the three pillars of the hybrid cloud: technology, people and economics.

Their main topics will be:

The data challenges faced by organisations today

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